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The pet-human connection is a beautiful thing that we celebrate every day here at The Dog People. Yet, it can be complex. For all the extra pet hair and muddy paws we tolerate as a fact of life as pet parents, we often subject our pets to less-than-ideal experiences, too.

Take these pet models, for example, and the plain, bold faced shame and humiliation on full display as they have no choice but to be stuffed into litter boxes and backpacks, and to model jewelry and costumes, all in some human’s shameless hopes of turning a profit.

From the look—or often, blank and vacant expression—on these pets’ faces, while they made it through the photoshoot, we wouldn’t exactly say they were…willing. If there’s any justice in the world,  there were treats.

Not amused; quietly plotting revenge (tail clearly photoshopped).

Do you ever just feel like this exact dog, in this exact bed?

BirdsBeSafe collar on cat

Am I a clown, do I amuse you?

Wide-eyed, bushy-tailed, will 100% claw your eyes out.

Clearly contemplating where it all went wrong (do notice the legs straddling the pan).

Someone definitely paid for this.

100% wishing the propeller worked.

Rootin’, tootin’, wouldn’t mind shootin’ (you).

football for dogs

Endgame = #dogshame.

Cat in witch hat

Summoning unseen forces and actively casting a hex.

The future’s so not bright for this less than enthusiastic kitty.

cynoclub via iStock

The pearls were immediately revenge-bunny-kicked and made great scatter toys.

Just a cat in a crocheted cat bikini, nothing to see here.

The real mystery is the exact time and place when kitty will exact payback for this.

Etsy has a lot of sad cats…in hats.

hefty bulldog in a backpack

Resistance? Clearly futile.

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