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Cat coloring books are a thing, folks. That’s right, you don’t have to be a kid to enjoy coloring beautiful pictures of everyone’s favorite floofy critter, the cat.

So get out your crayons and markers! And check your gift lists—because we’re betting even that person who already has everything probably doesn’t have one of these books. You’ll find more than a dozen great choices in the list below, grouped in these convenient categories: Humorous, Cute, Creative, and Kids.


Cat butts are so funny there is a whole subgenre of coloring books dedicated to them. Like this one, from Honey Badger Coloring, purveyors of adult-themed coloring books.

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Sweary Cat coloring book

Yes, these cats are pretty colorful even before you take out the paints, markers, and crayons. Pissed-off cats fill this ultimate coloring book for anyone who loves cats and needs to relieve some stress.

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"Cats Attack" coloring book

Feline monsters like Catzilla fill the pages of this book, just waiting for you to fill in the adventurous details.

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"Cats in Space"

This book is filled with the adventures of cats in space—complete with laser beams, fireballs, unicorns, and other planets. Get out your art supplies and fire at will!

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"Cute Cats" coloring pages

Aww! We’re all dying of cuteness right now. And this is the cutest cat coloring book of all.

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"Cute Cats Farting" book

If cat butts aren’t quite enough for you to color, you can always choose cat farts. Be forewarned: this is just one in a series of books from Vit Hansen about cute animals farting.

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cover of book with sleeping illustrated cat

This book is cute in a sophisticated way. The simple line drawings are even good for practicing with pastels or watercolor pencils.

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"Cat Doodles Cuteness Overload" cover

“Cat Doodles” by Julia Rivers is so jam-packed with cute illustrations just waiting for color that we think it needs warning labels.

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book cover for "Cats Around the World"

“You’re telling me I can color cute kitties enjoying gelato in Italy?” Yes, indeed! In this book, all the people have been replaced by—what else?—felines, in some lovely scenes from around the world.

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"Quote Zen Cat Mandalas" coloring book

Here’s your chance to color mandalas and beautifully drawn quotes about cats from famous thinkers such as Leonardo da Vinci, Mark Twain, Edgar Allan Poe, Charles Dickens, and Robert A. Heinlein.

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"Cats: Adult Coloring Book"

Just some straightforward but intricate detailwork to get your mind focused on the important things: cats.

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cover of "Amazing Kittens" coloring book

Focusing on the small things is good for stress relief. It’s also incredibly therapeutic for cat lovers. Your house may be covered in kitty litter, but your coloring can stay neatly within the lines (or not—go wild!).

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"Cats and Flowers"

What could be more delightfully soothing than cats and flowers? Take a moment to stop and fill in the roses.

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"Creative Kittens"

There is so much going on in these illustrations by Marjorie Sarnat that it will keep your attention filling in those details for hours. These are, indeed, creative kittens.

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For Kids

"The Too Cute Coloring Book"

This simple coloring book is a longtime favorite, bound to bring a smile to the faces of the small cat people you know.

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Pusheen character book

This book features everyone’s favorite ice-cream loving cat, Pusheen. Kids—and adults—will want to try coloring in Pusheen’s famous pastels.

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"The Secret Life of Caticorns"

We all know are no such things as unicorns. Caticorns, though—they are everywhere. And really fun to color, too.

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"Cat Coloring Books"

If you know a kid with mad coloring skills who’s ready to take on more complex designs, this book, with 30 pages of intricate cat illustrations, offers a challenge.

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Hello Kitty set of coloring books

Welcome to hello Kitty madness: Five coloring books, plus more than 350 Hello Kitty stickers. This is a purrfect party treat to keep all the little ones busy.

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